Sunday, 3 February 2019


TBH, I didn't even know I needed this in my life til randomly, while thrifting at Value Village, I found THIS:

Not gonna really is nothing special but I saw it and knew I could McGyver it into something cool.  What that was, I didn't quite know. Haha! 

So whilst perusing Pinterest for ideas, I came across this table from Anthropologie.  ***CUE ANGELS SINGING!!!  THIS was my inspiration.

My little table is NOT wood on the top and bottom, but the pedestal portion was.  I was thinking about a faux wood finish then I rememebered a product from Valspar I saw one of my Instagram buddies using and I knew I was going to grab some to try out for myself.  This is what I used but we'll get more into that in a bit.

It was $18.99 at Lowe's (that's CAD so if you live in the US, you will get it cheaper).

Before I started in on anything I gave the table a good scrub because any kind of residue or dirt will affect how a coating goes on and adheres.  Then I gave it a light sand, wiped it down again and primed it with Kilz.  Normally I wouldn't prime but because the table is not wood, I wanted to do that extra step for a good tooth for the paint.

I then painted the pedestal and the base with Rustoleum Chalked in Linen White.  The top I painted with Rustoleum Metallics Gold.  I did 2 coats of both.

Once the paint was dried (I let mine cure overnight) I taped the gold part off with tiny automotive tape I grabbed from my son's tool pile (I totally eyeballed it for the most part) plus some painter's tape I had for the center part.  I measured in 1.5 inches from the edge and just pencil marked it. Then I started in by first taping the center circle, which I drew on by tracing a glass for the circle shape, then I taped on the entire start burst. Once again, I eyeballed placement.  Nothing crazy here!  LOL

Once I had the starburst all taped, I took the Rustoleum Linen White and sprayed the entire table top.  I gave it 2 coats, letting dry between coats. 

 Once it was dry, I peeled off the tape and VOILA!!  The beautiful gold shone through!! 

All the tape is OFF!!

I DIE!!!

Next I grabbed the Vaspar Antiquing wax and an old paint brush that had kind of scruffy edges, because I thought that would make better wood grain lines on the table.  I did one coat only and this stuff is thick but spreads on well, and you do have quite a bit of play time to go over it to make it look just how you want.  Then here is the takes 48 hours to cure so I left it in the garage for 2 days.  This was SO hard because I wanted it done!  :-))

When everything was dry, I sealed it all with a Spray Varathane, let it dry well, and then the next day screwed the table back together.  

I LOVE love how it turned out.  Considering the original is $398 and mine was $8.99, I would say I will take a little elbow grease, gold paint and antiquing wax any day!! 

Ethel (my MCM chair) needed a little table buddy and it was perfect beside her.  There is really nothing I enjoy more than taking something and bringing it a whole new life for next to nothing. 

I hope this inspires you to see the creative vision.  Sometimes the best things are hiding right in front of our face! 





  1. Excellent knockoff!! Yours is perfect... job well done

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