Sunday, 13 January 2019

DIY Painted Faux Tile

It all really started when I found this teensy blush pink coffee creamer and I painted my front door PINK!!  Then the idea snowballed to bring the color in to another part of my house, and my coffee station was on my mind for change and it was a perfect fit!!  I used the next color darker down on the paint chip from my front door, called Priceless Coral, from Behr.  It needed to pop just a bit more for me and it worked! 

I wanted to keep this project as budget friendly as possible and I am proud to say the total was under $30.00 for the can of paint. That's it! Here is a look at the before picture.  I LOVE my coffee station, but it was time to zhuzz it a bit and make it brighter!

I also needed a template for the hexagons so I had an idea to use the marker from Shift Shop, a fitness program I have done a few times in the past.  This was PERFECT!!  They were also flexible, making it perfect to trace the pattern on around the shelves!  I tried a few colors out, then I actually tested my idea out on a piece of foam board to make sure my brain and the final product matched up! 

I did buy a few different color testers out because I wanted to play, but ended up going with my first choice.  Isn't that always the way? 

After taping things off, I started in with painting one coat of white and coral then I needed to get pattern placement done. I just estimated where I figured the coral would be ending and then started.  I did a second coat of white, then mocked up the pattern on the coral, then the white.  I taped it off and the painted on the rest of coral.  Then I gave the coral a second coat. 

The next morning, I started in the center bottom and traced on the hexagon grid.  I used a white colored pencil, so the lines were just visible enough to see.  Of course, I was using white paint for the lines, so this was perfect.  I just used some of the white wall paint, and made sure to add drops of water to it to keep it flowing as needed. Latex paint thickens as it is exposed to air so this is important.  

After the grid was made, I then traced on the other lines inside the hexagons by using a ruler and the white colored pencil again.  

Then it was time to get to work!  It took most of the afternoon to paint all the lines because the angles were awkward and it was hard on the arms. But with copious amount of coffee and sheer determination, it got finished! I just used a small round brush I got at Michaels.  It was a LOT of linework, but to me it is therapeutic and I loved it actually. :-)

I shopped my house for all the decor because that kinda thing makes my budgeting soul VERY happy!  

SIDE NOTE:  I do have to pick up a teensy piece of moulding for the back of the station (there was caulking residue I just didn't remove properly) but that will only be a few dollars.  Overall, I am proud of how it turned out and LOVE the insane new vibe this side of my kitchen has now.  And most of all, I proved to myself that I could do this on such a small budget!  WOOP WOOP!! 



Friday, 4 January 2019

Fluorescent Light Fixture Makeover

I am so excited to share this with you because I made a promise to myself that if I need to know how to do this, then others might appreciate my insight on how we tackled it as well!

We moved into our 1969 bungalow 11 years ago and for 11 years I looked at a truly retina-burning HUGGEEE fluorescent light fixture in our basement.  We didn't switch it out because it was actually inset into the ceiling, so that meant repairing a massive hole in the ceiling or finding a way around it and McGyvering it.  I opted to unleash my inner McGyver and this is the end result.

I will share the steps with you as my hubby and I join forces (I definitely needed extra hands to install this) to make a massive change in my Woman Cave Lounge.

Here is what the lovely gem looked like may needs sunglasses.  Ohhh, my!

This was while I was getting ready to start my WCL reno.  And the moment I decided the nasty fixture needs to die.

 We ripped the old fixture out and started making plans for the new one. We measured the opening in the ceiling and built out a box to fit right back into the hole with 1/4" plywood. The frame is made of 1 x 2 pine. The frame fits the size of the hole and the plywood is attached to the top of the frame.

I wanted to do something that would easily give me a longer fixture length look but I didn't like anything in the stores.  I scoured Amazon and found these cute brass hanging sockets.  You can find them HERE and they are SUPER affordable which was important because, well, budgeting!!! :-)

I measured out the spots on the new box for light placement.  I decided on 3 hanging pendants because it filled the spot well. We drilled the holes for the wiring to go through. Also we predrilled holes on the frame to screw the fixture in the ceiling when it was time to install it. I used Rustoleum Chalked Spray paint in the color Charcoal to paint this out.  It was super easy to use and I love the finish it provides.  

Hubs mounted the lights on the new light box.  He did a great job! 

Hubs wired it in for me while I played foreman...just kidding, I totally helped, and then we installed it and screwed that bad boy up!  At this point I am beyond elated because it is looking DOPE!

I found these killer Amber Edison lightbulbs too which was by far the cheapest spot to get them.  I have since ordered more for other parts of my home.  They look SO great!! 

Once it was installed we added small trim around the outside, which I also sprayed with the Rustoleum Chalked Paint.  NOTE:  I usually am wearing pj's and Buffalo check flannel when I do my DIYs.  It's my signature move.  #lumberjackchic 

I think the total came to just over $100 for materials but when I compare the cost of ripping out the re-drywalling the downstairs, well...this was WAY more appealing!  I love how it turned out!! 

Thanks for stopping by! I realize that my next share needs to be WAY more detailed so bear with me as I settle into this process. 

**This blog contains affiliate links from which I earn a small commission. I never recommend anything unless I wholeheartedly stand behind it and believe in it.  It is of no additional cost to you. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Cash Budget for January..month one under my belt!

Month 1 of cash budgeting! I did not die! These are the 6 areas I generally overspend on so these are my cash envelope categories. Now. Let’s chat & do a recap of categories, shall we? 
1. Groceries
This one is at the top and is the biggest most impactful change to me. When I look at my total which I have circled in red for all six categories… That is the amount that I typically have spent on average per month, on groceries. So I budgeted $500 for January and I went over by $11.68. I am impressed BEYOND! 

2. Fuel
So because this was my first month travelling for work I really had no idea how much it was going to cost me for fuel. Clearly it’s been a while since I have been on the road and when I was, my fuel was paid for by my previous companies so I had no idea and I budgeted $150 to start which was super low. This was an eye-opener as to how much fuel really is.

3. Dining Out
To be honest I do not eat out very much so I budgeted myself $80 and I still had money to spare. There are days that I stayed late after work and had to buy something for supper so that pretty much takes care of what I spent. 

4. Clothing
I budgeted $100 for this because hello, I work at a clothing store with amazing pre-loved items and I thought $100 would be a great starting point. I also had purchase a bra which was that extra $55.79. Two things… GOOD Bras are not cheap which we all know. I need to keep adding to my wardrobe because my clothing for work has been limited simply because my wardrobe falls between yoga wear and super dressy. But fortunately I have options where I work. 

5. Creative Team & Thrifting
This one is a new category...sort of. I am part of a creative team with lady that I admire and it involved be having to purchase a few things up front, but it will pay for itself AND this will not be a recurring amount. I expect next month will be around the same and then after that it will be reduced greatly. This is a bit of a new career opportunity so to me it’s an amazing investment.

6. Starbucks
OK no let me just preface this by saying just because I am on a budget does not mean that I will be eliminating my Starbucks bevvies. It just means that instead of going a few times a week. I will just be reducing that down. Also, I did purchase egg bites twice, which I left in this category instead of moving to dining out. Next month I want it to be less.

I also want to mention that I was not perfect in this month one. Nor did I expect to be. I actually had to purchase fuel and a few other items on debit because I did not make it to the bank in time and just wanted to literally get the hell home after a long day of work and snowy crazy weather. But for 99.9% of the time, all my purchases were cash and that impresses me.

To be honest, a few years ago I thought that this would never be for me… Ever! But I want things to change and I don’t want debt to be holding me back. I want to be in control of my money instead of it controlling me.

I’m not sure why this is not taught in school because this is a life skill that everybody needs to know starting at a young age instead of when they are like me and in their freaking 40’s. But hey, better late than never. And if I can do this, really, there is hope for all mankind. 

Also in the past month my husband and I have paid down a substantial amount on our credit card, which right now is our goal…to get rid of that. I have also paid off one other debt early with extra cash from taking this job.

This is definitely a work in progress and this is the first time I have ever been excited to look at my bank account and make entries into my YNAB tracker and have all the numbers down on paper. Before it terrified me, so literally I ignored it a lot, which is the WORST thing ever. Ignoring doesn’t fix makes it worse.

It’s been challenging for sure, but being in debt is way more challenging. So I am choosing my hard. And funny story, even through the challenges (Winners, Marshalls, Michaels & all the shiny things) I still have very smartly made some incredible purchases that were part of my budgeted amounts instead of buying ALL the things. And I learned to give myself a breather and consider if this was something I just wanted in the moment or if it was something that I really needed to have. That made the decision easier. 

This is a bit of a novel, but I wanted to share my first month with you. Maybe it will inspire you to make some changes to your finances if that is what you are aiming for. 

I am still a newbie, but each month, it’s going to get better. That excites me BEYOND words!  😀

Two books that really helped me get a grip on things (and I HIGHLY recommend) were:
1. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey
2. Love Your Life Not Theirs  by Rachel Cruze 

If you have any questions, totally just ask!!  I am learning lots along the way but am happy to share! 

Stay weird,

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