Friday, 27 October 2017

My Cozy November - 30 Days of Hygge

Going into the winter can be a daunting task for many of us, myself included.  On the daily, I am a happy and upbeat person, but ohhh, when winter rears it's ugly can test even the strongest person.

After coming across the book, The Cozy Life and reading about committing to finding more joy and comfort in every day through the little things, it spoke to me in a HUGE way.  This really is the story of my life and how we were take joy in the simple things life has to offer.  Somehow, thought the noise of life...I forgot about that for a while and you are my witness in that.  But slowly I am making my way back to this and since November is simply days away, the idea of a 30 day challenge was speaking volumes!  November has 30 days....see where I am going with this?

So I have created a list of my own ideas to share with you or you can make your own.  If you feel like joining along I'd love to see your Hygge photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Please use the hashtag #mycozynovember

30 ideas for you:

1.  Bake something amazing and share 1/2 with friends or neighbors.  
2.  Hang fairy lights EVERYwhere in your house for instant ambience.
3.  Bundle up and go for a walk with friends.  "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing".  
4.  Put flannel sheets on your bed.
5.  Have a spa night...think facials, pedis, exfoliation, the whole gamut.  And have wine.  
6.  Watch the sun come up in the morning.  Brew a hot coffee and just wait for it.  
7.  Settle in for some adult coloring.  This is my favourite coloring book right now: CREATIVE COLORING MANDALAS
8.  Try a new cafe instead of heading to your usual spot.
9.  Have a candelight bath.  This is HEAVEN!!
10.  Personally take some flowers to someone to let them know how awesome they are.
11.  Wear amazing blingy, statement jewelry and go get groceries like a boss.
12.  Start the morning out with meditation by candlelight.  
13.  Learn to knit or sew, or take a pottery class.
14.  Build a bonfire & invite friends over to join you.
15.  Add Bailey's to your morning coffee.  Salted Caramel is my favourite.  
16.  Put your smart devices away for the afternoon and be completely present in the moment.  
17.  Build yourself a Hygge nook in your house. Get out all the fluffy pillows, candles, blankets and flowers and make a spot for you to just chill and be still.
18.  Do a winter activity you used to love as a child.  
19.  Make a homemade gift for someone.
20.  Make a slow cooker meal...soups or stews are comfort food.
21.  Delete clutter from your house.  Keep the things around you that light up your soul and don't bog you down.
22.  Do yoga by candlelight.  
23.  Go for an entire weekend unplugged from tv.
24.  Bring the smells of outdoors in...pinecones, greenery, etc.  Add in a pot of oranges, cinnamon and cloves simmering on the stove and you will instantly find bliss.
25.  Hygge your wardrobe.  Chunky sweaters and leggings, legwarmers, furry get me. 
26.  Write down your thoughts in a journal.
27.  Listen to music to soothe your soul.
28.  Play board games with your family or friends.  So. Much.  FUN!
29.  Plan a movie night with popcorn.
30.  Book one whole day OFF in your empty day for you to just wing it and do some exploring all on your own.  

These are just some of many ideas I came up with for the #mycozynovember challenge.  If you need more ideas on all things cozy and Hygge, I recommend The Little Book of Hygge,  Hygge: The Danish Book of Happiness and of course, The Cozy Life.   

I'd love you to visit me and follow along with me on Instagram here at @coconutsandcaffeine

I am excited for day one!  Thanks for stopping by to read.



Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Side Table in FAT paint Limited Edition Cascadia

This is one of those sweet deals from a yard sale you know will be just awesome and you scoop up & give it some love and major overhaulin! It was $5, people...well worth that even with the elbow grease put into it.  I LOVE this amazing color from The Fat Paint Company and even tho she be little, she is mighty! 

Let's get started!  Here she is AFTER, but let's walk through the steps to get her here. 

OK so here she sits with another project, some of the finish chipping and a huge section on the top with finish removed.  So....I did the usual prep of basic sanding, giving some extra sanding to the entire top, starting with a larger grit sandpaper (on a palm sander), to get it leveled up, then worked my way towards a fine grit. 


THIS color though!! OH EMGEE!!  It is a limited edition color, called Cascadia, from The Fat Paint Company.  This is the second project I have done in recent weeks with this chalk paint and it is simply gorgeous and saturated.  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE!

I was trying to decide what color I wanted so I also grabbed some amazing blues too but stuck with my original plan of the green. 

I added a thin coat of Minwax paste wax, using a piece of cheesecloth, adding the wax to the center of cheesecloth, then buffing it onto the table in a circular motion (wrap the cheesecloth around a blob of the wax and as it gets warmed by the movement, it will seep out through the cheesecloth).  I left it for about 5 minutes before buffing it off.  I used a clean lint free tshirt type rag to buff it out.  I start buffing in circles, the finish buffing my going in the direction of the grain of wood.  You gotta put your back into it to get the really nice satiny sheen.  
Again here she is completely done.  The hardware was the original and I did not even have to repaint it.  Now...I need to find a new home for her.  

Not too shabby for 5 bucks!! 

I'd love to hear what some of your great yard sale scores were. Have you found a great piece for cheap that you upcycled into something amazing? 

Thanks for stopping by,

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