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Hi, my name is Wendy & coffee and I are in a serious relationship.  Not kidding.

Things I love: my husband and my kids, coffee (clearly), fitness, painting, knitting, hiking in the mountains, books upon books, finding new uses for old things, baking ALL the cheesecakes & thrift stores.

Things I dislike:  the dentist, cleaning out the fridge and cleaning the bathroom (but it always feels like heaven when it is done), dishonest people.

How I spend most of my time: coffee, thrifting, working out, cooking, DIYing, creating recipes, knitting, painting, reading, meditation, coffee, dreaming of new projects, working on current projects, learning to budget better, planning world domination.

Random facts: 
I have always wanted to play the guitar riff from "Wanted: Dead or Alive" onstage with Bon Jovi. 
I had dreams of becoming a fashion designer. 
I had dreams of becoming an embalmer. 
I have dreams of hosting my own tv show. 
I love the smell of diesel fuel, sawdust, stain and grease.  
When I was a teenager, I sewed a lot of my own clothes. 
I always regret not going to college.  
Power tools make me happy.  
An afternoon at Chapters or any bookstore, really is my idea of a perfect afternoon (with coffee, of course). 
I am an extroverted introvert. 
You will always find a bar of Lindt dark chocolate somewhere in my house.  I can't tell you where or I'd have to kill you. 
I am obsessed with Buffalo check. 
A dream job would be to be the person responsible for naming an entire fandeck of paint chips.  How about "Back in Black", "Pissed Off Because You Made Me Wear Pink", "Does This Brown Make My Walls Look Like Coffee".  I would nail that shit. 


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